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This gives you the chance to test the water and see if the reality of a particular job lives up to your expectations.


No matter what field you are in, Instagram is a great way to find creativity and inspiration.


Share your opinion and thoughts?not only with your colleagues, but also with your seniors and take feedback. Keep your mind open.


Love your company and be helpful to the employees and the employers: Criticizing someone strength and weakness would not help anyone.


Love your company: It is important to have a feeling of ownership, a sense of mission and a state of belongingness to be able to achieve and deliver.


Every year or two, spend time thinking about your career: Go out and warm up your network, check out new opportunities.


Keep informed and engaged: You need to make sure the product you are selling makes sense and you offer something unique.


No matter where your stress is coming from, it is not doing you any good until you learn how to address it.


Whenever an idea does not work to your advantage, just accept that and find something else. Simply move on.


The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Do not settle.


Embrace uncertainty: The need for clarity and certainty stops most of us before we even start. But the reality is no one has it all figured out.


Harvesting Sunflowers: Cut stems early in the morning. Harvesting flowers during middle of the day may lead to flower wilting.


Why Benefits Are More Important Than Salary: Benefits are actually a better predictor for enjoying your job than salary alone.


Surround yourself with good people: Avoid smalltalk and gossips. Remain positive. Every coin and thought has two or more aspects.


Even if you are not job hunting, post one article on your LinkedIn feed each week.


In chaos, there is opportunity, Most major career accelerations happen when someone steps into a mess and makes a difference.


Play to your strengths:Putting your focus on those things that you are strongest at, over time makes you an expert at it.


Find a mentor and to be a mentor:Ask your mentor for introductions, and introduce the person that you are mentoring to others.


The best career or job is the one in which you are using the skills you enjoy: Try to Keep an open mind.


Make your own path: If the world puts you on a road you do not like,build yourself a new path.