Dating Tips


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Leaving Your Profile Empty: Non filled out profiles are like putting a bag over your head.


Arrogance usually conveys insecurities, and to be honest, we do not want to see a man flaws and weaknesses too soon in a relationship.


Leaving Your Profile Empty: Most people would not go for someone they know literally nothing about. Write about yourself.


Single mom attire and dating attire are totally different. Keep in mind that even though you are a great mom your goal is to feel as pretty as you can.


Be true to yourself otherwise, even if you do keep dating, you will be setting yourself and your date up for disappointment.


If you wait too long, it might be awkward, or the other person might leave, thinking you are not interested in taking things further.


Let him know that you are more attracted to a guy who has priorities in his life and who considers his available time to be precious.


Do not pretend you are something you are not. It is tempting to put on your best face for a first date, but make sure that best face is actually yours.


Express enjoyment, but not desperation. At the end of the date, be honest with your date.


Being Too Picky: It is good to be picky when it comes to online dating. There is a fine line between having high standards and unreasonable standards.


Listen, do not just head nod. We should all do if we want to have meaningful interactions and develop healthy relationships with other people.


Do not badmouth your ex: If you want to complain about your ex, call your girlfriends, tell your therapist or journal your feelings.


Do not badmouth your ex or talk about things he did or is doing that bug you. That will turn off your date and you will likely never hear from him.


Waiting Too Long to Meet in Person: Avoid these common online dating mistakes and you will greatly increase your chances of success.


Remember, online dating is about more than making a good first impression and it is about finding the potential for a bond that lasts.


Leaving Your Profile Empty: Your profile exists to tell people about yourself. Do not leave it empty!


Express enjoyment, but not desperation. Tell him or her that you had fun, and you are interested in meeting again.


Be honest and upfront about why you got divorced. Be honest, but leave out details that will make you seem angry or that you have the victim mentality.


Do not introduce him to your kids too soon. Just because you are head over heels with your new guy, does not mean your kids are going to be.


Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. This is not a competition. It is just an outing. Imagine yourself going out to dinner with a friend.